New Recruits Episode 5: Marilyn Solomon Reads George Bowering

Happy Wednesday and welcome to the first New Recruits episode of 2017! For more information about this series, check out Episode 1.

Marilyn Solomon is my grandmother, an amateur photographer, and a die hard baseball fan. No really. Look:


My dad managed to get my grandparents two tickets to a Jays game when they made it to the finals last year. (Finals? Is that what they’re called? My baseball knowledge is limited.) My mom said that when my grandmother found out about the tickets, “she screamed louder than when she found out I was pregnant with you.” Die hard baseball fan.

So, here’s my Bubbie Marilyn reading part 1 of the iconic, pennant shaped, fuzzy book that George Bowering wrote for Jack Spicer: Baseball: a poem in the magic number 9.



What was your first impression of the poem?


Which line of the poem do you like best?

“Satan was thrown out of the game / for arguing with the officials.”


Good over evil. Satan should be tossed out of every game. 

What does this poem make you think of?


Are there any words in this poem that you don’t understand?

“The Nine Muses”

Would you like to understand them?


Does this poem remind you of any other piece of art or media?

Star Wars. The poem has a cosmic aura.

Do you have any questions for the poet?



Marilyn Solomon’s interests are family, travel, current events and friends. Her hobbies are maj, canasta, movies and photos. She is a senior citizen and retired.



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