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Seven Question Touch The Donkey interview with rob mclennan

Twenty-Five features on Michael Dennis’ Today’s Book of Poetry 

a.m. kozak and Amanda Earl discuss Whistle Stops on Episode 31 of The Small Machine Talks.

Exploratory Operations: a review of Whistle Stops (and two other awesome 2017 books) in Canadian Literature 

rob mclennan’s review of Whistle Stops

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12 or 20 Questions

Whistle Stops launch happened on April 7th, 2017. Here’s a video of the event if you missed it!

My little essay on Mina Loy is up on many gendered mothers.

Hey look, Whistle Stops is anticipated (along with lots of other great new titles).

Signature Edition’s spring 2017 catalogue is now up on their website! Scroll down for Whistle Stops.

Check out rob mclennan’s review of Cough 9 and The Northern Testicle Review here (which includes a poem from Whistle Stops).