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Upcoming Events:

Whistle Stops launch is happening with some new Swimmers Group publications on April 7th.

I will be reading at Knife Fork Book on June 1st! Come see!

and I’m reading at The Art Bar on July 4th!



12 or 20 Questions with rob mclennan

My little essay on Mina Loy is up on many gendered mothers.

Hey look, Whistle Stops is anticipated (along with lots of other great new titles).

Signature Edition’s spring 2017 catalogue is now up on their website! Scroll down for Whistle Stops.

Check out rob mclennan’s review of Cough 9 and The Northern Testicle Review here (which includes a poem from Whistle Stops).


Past Events:

I will be reading at The Central at 6:00 PM on Monday Jan. 23rd. Come check it out!